Unpredictable nights

Wednesday and Thursday were two rather short shifts. We closed an hour early (usually we close around 2am during the week, but  we closed at 1am) as there was so little ‘traffic’. Wednesday was probably the worst night I got to witness so far, Thursday was slightly better. And yet, Wednesday was one of my best nights to this date…

At the beginning of the night, I really didn’t feel like it. It felt like this night was gonna be shit and I felt like I might as well just have stayed home. I’ve had a cold for the past week.

I made some tips from dancing on stage and convinced a couple to book me and a friend. I thought that was gonna be it – and was alright with it, at least I made a bit of money.

Who would have thought that the girl took a liking to me and that she had a very generous boyfriend. He shouted her half an hour with me, extended another half an hour, and then another half an hour. Plus whenever I was on stage they sat down to get a lap dance and tipped me.

Just before we closed I was on stage one last time. The dancer before me was so bored as she had no audience, for a good thirty seconds she was literally just lying there doing nothing. At least, even if the night doesn’t go well for me, I can usually find something positive in it – I love music and dancing and so I then just dance for myself!

Thursday didn’t start off well and didn’t seem to get better. By midnight I had given one 5-minute dance and gotten a few tips from dancing on stage. I felt like I had been making nothing but the wrong decisions all night – chosen one guy (who didn’t end up booking me) over another (who I then saw going for a dance with another girl), etc. There was a group of four men that had gotten themselves a booth (which you’ve gotta pay for). At the beginning one of them had even chatted to me and invited me to join them but I decided to wait for someone who’d just gone for a cigarette. So I watched four other girls hang with them and cash in. Damn. Just by chance, two of the girls disappeared at some point and I ended up in that group for two half an hour lap dances.

Anyway, this shows how a seemingly shit night can change any moment (or not). It’s never ‘fair’, but every night the dice are tossed again and you never know how it might turn out, so it’s worth sticking around…




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