Bruises and painkillers

The first two weeks were physically very challenging. Changing sleeping patterns; not sleeping well during the day, waking up too early and being unable to nap. Bruising everywhere from being on stage (I bruise easily). Having a sore back from the job I did until just before starting to dance, and a sore tendon in my leg that hurts when lifting the leg due to (possibly) overstretching. In brief, relying on painkillers and coffee (and I never used to drink coffee, ever, until now) to keep me going.
Three weeks in, fortunately, my back and leg have gotten better, the bruises are fading and new ones appear more sparingly. I have a cold and still struggle with getting too little sleep, but my body is starting to adapt.
With regards to sleep, in the UK I slept a good amount of hours, but I always felt rather unproductive during the day as if the quality of sleep had been terrible. Interestingly, even though I’ve been sleeping less (gets very hot here during the day…), I’ve not been feeling too bad during the day. A while ago I read in a book written by Paul Check (2004) that this may have to do with your internal body clock being linked to your home country’s time zone, and even if you adapt to a different time zone, it will never be the same.
Chek, P. (2004). How to eat, move and be healthy. CHEK Institute, San Diego, CA.

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