21st and 22nd nights (final weekend)

Friday night; I got up at 10 am, no nap, surprised I didn’t fall asleep at work. At the beginning of the night we had some guys from the US navy come in. They were standing at the bar and I made eye contact with one of them. To my surprise, after they’d ordered drink and went to sit down, he came over to me. He was surprised to hear me say that this hardly ever happened. Apparently in the US, girls sit at a bar and guys approach them. Man I wish we had that kinda system here!

He booked me twice for half an hour, then they had to leave unfortunately. Wish I could’ve just spent the entire evening with him, would’ve made it so much more enjoyable. Even if he had only booked me another few times and not actually the entire evening, it would’ve still taken away the pressure of socialising with new people and competing against the many other girls.

Unfortunately it didn’t get very busy. I was one of the less fortunate ones and ended up waiting around 3 hours until I gave another few short dances. Not the worst Friday, also not the best. £170

Saturday night; the first Saturday on which I made less than on a Friday, and generally, the worst Saturday I’ve ever had! The amount of girls was alright, the amount of customers was decent, but I happened to talk to those who only went for short dances. A bunch of other girls were in the same shoes. Most customers that night didn’t seem to want to spend much money. The problem with having to talk to lots of customers is the beginning, where you tend to repeat your your story. Once you’re past that initial small talk the chat can get interesting. So I did meet some nice people I had good conversation with and spent a lot time just talking, I wasn’t too bothered about not making much money. That’s the last night for you – you know you’ve made money over the past month and it’s not gonna set you back if you have a slow night. Another factor might have been that I was extremely tired, I had only slept around four hours the night (well, morning) before. £70…

Normally you get paid out for the night at the end of the next shift. Since it was my last night I had to wait around an extra half an hour to get my last night’s wage. Home! Bed! And looking forward to doing something different again for a while. This is not a job I recommend doing for too long in a row – I find it a good time-filler for in-between things, but it’s not like I’m growing as a person, can’t work my way up, not really helping anyone doing this. I may do it again if I end up in Australia travelling with a friend, but not solely, there’s still plenty of jobs that I’m curious to try out that will probably be more interesting and teach me more life skills. Until then – ciao!



Here a wee break down of the money I made. I’ve seen girls with regulars or maybe just better “convincing-sills” make more – on the weekends probably around £400 but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make more than that.

day date wage hours wage/h
wed 24-May 20 4 5
thurs 25-May 20 5 4
fr 26-May 70 7 10
sat 27-May 190 7 27
sun 28-May 65 5 13
tue 30-May 120 5 24
fr 02-Jun 180 7 26
sat 03-Jun 210 7 30
sun 04-Jun 40 5 8
tue 06-Jun 65 4 16
wed 07-Jun 0 4 0
fr 09-Jun 95 7 14
sat 10-Jun 160 8 20
sun 11-Jun 70 5 14
tues 13-Jun 30 5 6
thurs 15-Jun 60 6 10
friday 16-Jun 99 7 14
sat 17-Jun 239 7 34
wed 21-Jun 70 5 14
thurs 22-Jun 85 5 17
friday 23-Jun 170 7 24
saturday 24-Jun 70 7 10

total £2128, on average around £16.5 per hour.


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