19th and 20th nights (quality time)

I had Sunday and Thursday off, and naturally Monday as the club is closed then. I was battling with the idea of going to work regardless – it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do at home atm, but didn’t in the end. It felt like a long holiday!
Apparently the days I missed had been quiet and Wednesday and Thursday weren’t necessarily busy either, but I was fortunate that each night I met a guy I got along with great who booked me for half an hour, and had a few small dances. £70 on both nights, which for a weekday here is quite descent.
I’ve actually come to like weekdays more than weekends in some way. Fewer customers means I can catch up with girl friends, and when I do have a customer I can really take my time and talk a lot and not make him feel pressured or be stressed about making money myself. On the weekend you sometimes feel on edge, constantly scanning the room for new people, jumping from one guy to the other to maximise opportunities to make money…

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