17th and 18th nights (girls girls girls)

There were numerous auditions on Friday and henceforth a number of new girls (I don’t think anyone ever got rejected. In the audition, a girl gives you a lap dance to ‘train you’ and then you give her a lap dance, when you feel confident a manager comes in and you dance for him). Too many!!! Why do they keep hiring new girls if there are so many already? Especially if it doesn’t get that busy on the weekend anyway?

Friday night was pretty quiet and there were just way too many girls – too much competition. Some girls are lucky, some go out empty-handed or at least with little in their wallet. The men I chatted too were all cheap and just went for short dances, which makes making money tedious as you usually have to keep finding new customers this way. Worst Friday so far – £100.

Saturday night we had a similar issue; lots of girls, fewer customers than usually on a Saturday. A friend and I joined a stag do that arrived at the beginning of the night – our luck. They took us for a number of short dances. One of them really liked me and wanted to keep me for himself lol. They then booked me and another girl for a stag party; 20 minutes upstairs dancing for all of them (5 guys) and playing some games. Afterwards I stuck with them for a little longer, they got a another few dances. Only past midnight the club got a wee bit busier. Again, some girls were lucky with guys who booked them for longer but most of the men were pretty cheap. Toward the end of the night I chatted to two guys, one 19 from England, one 21 from the US. The latter said how beautiful I was and how normally, he booked one girl after the other and they got better as he progressed. This time he didn’t wanna make that mistake but choose the best girl to start with, so he’d have to spend some time looking around. To me that simply sounded like, I’m not gonna book you darling. He also said that once he’d made his decision he’d go for the most expensive dance. Yeah right. He didn’t look loaded, but who knows what mechanics in the army make… Just past 2am, he finally asked me to go for a dance. And I couldn’t believe it, he actually took me upstairs for half an hour, the longest option. We even had a really fund time there, and he extended for another 15 minutes, until the club closed basically. This resulted in this Saturday being my best one yet, but unfortunately, probably one of the worst for a lot of other girls. £240!


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