16th night (envy)

Thursday night
3 customers in the club to start with. Who would’ve thought they’re the gold filled donkeys. Lucky girls who snitched them first. They were basically upstairs for 4 hours – 400 quid right there. Damn. The kinda men who wouldn’t have been picky. One of the ‘lucky’ girls tends to make good money, she’s pretty, but other than that I don’t know what guys see in her.

A few more dropped in, other girls were faster.

Two guys. Perfect for me and my friend! We want to allow then to get drinks so walk over and wait just besides. Suddenly two Romanian girls walk right to them and chat them up. Bitches. They knew we’d been about to get with them.

At last a few more customers come in – pretty ‘busy’ for a weekday actually! Me and my friend end up joining a bunch of friendly dudes who turn out to be drug dealers of some kind. Didn’t ask in detail, didn’t really wanna know. They were nice enough though and got a couple of dances off us.

60 pounds, probably the most I’ve ever made during the week. Still can’t shake off my envy toward the other girl…


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