15th night (good chats)

Until midnight we had one customer. Another girl and I were sent out on PR – handing out free admission to people. It was so dead in town that we didn’t even come across any guys to give any to! To our surprise, when we got back, there were around 5 customers. The four Romanian girls had paired up to latch onto two, and the other two customers were ‘taken’ by other girls.

Another customer came in a bit later just as I was standing at the bar – perfect timing. I’ve met a bunch of nice and interesting guys in the club, but with none did I have such a good and honest conversation about all sorts of things – including what dancing actually feels like for the dancing girl and for the guy getting the lap dance. He took me for one song (really? bit disappointing especially since he was a businessman with money), then we talked a bunch more. He booked me again for two songs after which he said, that was the best lap dance he had ever gotten – and blushed. I told him, if he wanted to go for another lap dance he should ask the girl sitting by herself, she was the only one who had not given any lap dances that night at all. So he did 🙂

I joined a friend of mine who was sitting with a customer that I knew from the weekend, they were just chilling and happy for me to chat with them. We convinced him to go for a double lap dance – oh he enjoyed himself! Those are always more fun for us girls too, we can touch each other a little and it’s just more of a tease!


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