14th night (rejected)

Sunday nights are similar to weekdays, maybe a wee bit better. Despite a decent amount of traffic for such a day, with 13 girls not all of us got lucky. I managed to get a few dances going at the beginning of the night. That always takes away some pressure – once you’ve made 20 pounds you know you’ve at least earned something.

We had a group of three 20 year old guys come in, me and two other girls joined them. The guy I was sitting next to, let’s call him Steve, wanted to go for a dance with me. I suggested to him why not go all together – 3 guys, 3 girls, 3 songs – after each song the girls would swap around, hence giving each one of them three girls for the price of one…  They were down for it and we went up to the bar. There Steve spotted a girl he wanted and asked me whether we could have her on board. I said then he’d have to lose one of us… Feared it would be me since I had been hanging with him, the other two felt uncomfortable choosing so I just left the group. Grrrr. But it continues…

As I was standing at the bar, a bit disappointed, a guy next to me chatted me up. Nice for a change to be the one being approached and not doing the approaching. Pretty much straight away he said he wanted to take me for a dance. He booked me for fifteen minutes. He was Scottish living in Australia and we chatted a bit before we went upstairs, seemed to get along.
In our booth he sat down. His body language was kind of awkward at that point, but I didn’t think too much of it. I took my bra off and bend over him. He touched my behind, I gently said sorry he couldn’t touch here. I danced for another few seconds then he suddenly got up and left. I went after him, asking what was up. He said he just wanted to leave. I was super confused. Told him to wait, I had to take him downstairs. Went to the manager who joined me asking him what was up. He was like, “Do you really want me to say that in front of your manager?”. I said ‘yes’, I wanted to know what I had done wrong – I had hardly started to dance. He didn’t make much sense just kept repeating he just wanted to go back down have a beer and then leave.  I didn’t get what was going on and felt slightly offended. The manager was kind to me told me not to let it get to me. It did though. Still bothers me now.

Back downstairs he approached me again after a bit and said I shouldn’t feel upset. I asked him again if he could explain to me what was wrong. He went on about things had changed he was married now and it just didn’t feel right. Fair enough that would’ve made sense if he didn’t go for any more dances. Shortly after he went off for short dances with at least two other girls. Wtf?


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