12th and 13th night (“busy” weekend)

The days start to blur. I don’t know whether I took my money to the bank yesterday or the day before. I don’t remember their faces. My body feels drained, I’m unproductive and tired during the day. I wake up at night…

Friday night was supposed to be busy due to people coming into town for a big football match on Saturday. Instead of just being on level one, we were on level two (on regular days just used for stags, much nicer and bigger than level one though) and used levels one and three for lap dances. Every available girl was present – around 30. Unfortunately, it never ended up getting as busy as hoped for. With that many girls around, it’s doubtful any made more than £100 that night – I made 95.

Hopes were high for Saturday night. They had even hired a DJ and we opened at 7 instead of 8pm (Last weekend they had said we’d open at 5pm – very glad they’d changed that as I doubt anyone would’ve come at that time since the football match started at 5…). I was lucky to meet a guy who really enjoyed talking to me and found me beautiful and all and went for a small dance, then 15 minutes, and then his mate shouted him and himself a half an hour dance. After that things slowed down. Again, the club didn’t get that busy, and with 40 girls, competition was high! I made £160, which is the least I’ve ever made on a Saturday lol. Looking forward to a normal weekend that’s probably just gonna be just as (un)busy but with fewer girls around 😉

My feet were so sore from being in high heels for 8 hours, I have bruises all over from dancing on the pole, my back is sore from dancing. I need a whole-body-massage!!!


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