7th, 8th, 9th nights (weekend)

I had Wednesday and Thursday night off – kinda boring. Still stayed up till 4am to keep the sleeping pattern going, but my brain is just not that functional at night so I just end up being unproductive. Still, more enjoyable to watch movies than to sit around at work bored for several hours, which is likely to have been the case during the week…

Friday started off good – one of the first customers who came in just after eight booked me for fifteen minutes and then extended for half an hour. After that it was mostly just short dances which is tiring as you constantly need to chat up new customers just to make ten pounds per dance. £180 Friday night.

I didn’t get much sleep after work and consequently felt rather lethargic, i.e. less motivated and not very chatty, on my Saturday shift. It was surprisingly quiet for the first couple of hours and then after midnight we got flooded. A group of guys who were there for a stag do chose me and another girl for a private stag party on the second floor. You basically take the stag on stage, tease him a little, and work your way around (i.e. give a lap dance to) all of his mates. Half an hour of fun, but also very tiring!

When we came back downstairs the club was half empty again. Strange. Just at the end I had a couple of dances one after the other, during the last one I kept hoping for it to finish already, I was drained. £210 for Saturday night.

Just before I had to leave for work last night (Sunday), I realised that I wasn’t booked in. I phoned them and they confirmed, but said I was free to come in if I wanted. I had nothing better to do and last Friday wasn’t thaaat bad so I went to work anyway. It was so dead. There was  a group of boys at the beginning, and two guys who were just drinking but didn’t go for dances, and only at 2am a few more men came in. I was lucky to get booked a few times, but most girls (there were 13 last night – way too many!) went home empty-handed. £40. Today’s my night off, got some catching up on sleep to do! 🙂


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