twenty-first night

Yesterday was a lazy day. I was tired, napped (or tried to) twice, spent most of the time with my laptop in my bed being lethargic and bored. I didn’t feel like I had any energy and was not looking forward to work. Yet another night with too many girls (around 18, some left though … More twenty-first night

twentieth night

It’s seems to be getting worse each night. Maybe it’s some master-plan to make me used to getting little money again, but really, I don’t need that!! Just need to save some more money to be able to survive the upcoming months when I might not be able to work!! The management sucks a little too, putting … More twentieth night

nineteenth night

Really no better than yesterday. This was the worst weekend since I’ve started stripping. When I came in, the main room was almost empty; 2 guys and 1 girl. Until 1am it stayed pretty darn quiet with maybe 10 customers. The number of girls was quite high again. I got a sleezy Indian guy to … More nineteenth night

eighteenth night

Of all nights, definitely the worst. Last week: too few girls, this week: way too many. Two groups of people booked me for 20 minutes pool. Two guys from one of those groups seemed keen on a lap dance and I worked hard on them but when I briefly mingled with other guys and came … More eighteenth night

seventeenth night

During the day I noticed a big lump on my back (photos), looks like one of my vertebra has swollen. Quite painful. I really like doing stuff on the floor on stage, roll around etc, that’s probably how I got it. When I was on stage (again, we had to dance to four songs each … More seventeenth night

sixteenth night

I woke up early Friday morning, thinking that maybe that was good so I could nap later. I went for a swim around midday, thinking that would exhaust me a little more so I could nap later. I went to bed when I got home, hoping I could nap. How wrong I was. I just … More sixteenth night

fifteenth night

I started off with my stage performance. Like the last couple of nights, I asked the DJ to surprise me with music. Unfortunately  at that point only maybe five guys where around and I made just 11 dollar tips (the normal average would probably be 70). A little later, a group of guys went for 40 … More fifteenth night