Thirteenth Night

Another (painful) night has gone by! It was, for a Saturday, surprisingly quiet at first. I.e. the room was half-full and those guys that were present were 90% Asians, who I don’t even bother talking to – most of them just wanna watch the shows anyway. There were so few girls that each girl, assuming … More Thirteenth Night

Twelfth Night

I woke up at 6 am and thought, I could either try to sleep a little longer and reduce my chances of being able to nap later on, or get up and have a greater chance of being able to nap. I went for the latter, but I couldn’t nap anyway. I tried hard for … More Twelfth Night

Eleventh Night

To pre-summarise this post: I was on a roll! Saturdays are always better than Fridays. Not only because there are more guys and fewer girls, but also because Fridays I’m just anxious – it’s been a week and I don’t feel like it and I’ve got two long nights ahead of me. The waiting is … More Eleventh Night

Tenth Night

What a flop, last night! Some other girls told me that the last couple of nights had been rather quiet, and yesterday night topped it all. A handful of guys would sit there the entire night. Usually, it fills up a little more at some point, but hardly any new people came at any point. … More Tenth Night