Ninth Night

Another Easter weekend night. My very first nights in the club were exciting but then it went downhill from there to last weekend where I was absolutely sick of it. Now I’m feeling rather neutral about it, I’m having a hard time switching to a (fake) happy mood, I just take it as a job, … More Ninth Night

Eighth Night

Easter weekend! Our boss told us to bring ‘bunny costumes’ and a colleague said that this meant to just bring some bunny ears and a tail to wear on top of either our uniform or a dress. I wanted to get some ears and a tail from a cheap store yesterday morning but I had to find … More Eighth Night


So I got new shoes today, my first high heels ever! They feel just a bit tight coz I’ve got quite wide feet but the leather should adjust in time, hopefully. Actually quite happy that I now have my own pair. Didn’t cost me the world either, they were reduced from around 150 to 70 dollars. I just hope … More Random

Lucky Number Seven?

Yesterday, I truly and deeply hated work. I had had a (mentally) rough day, emotionally challenging due to my boyfriend still having a hard time with me working in the club and me feeling bad about it and guilty. I didn’t feel like going to work and once I was there, I just couldn’t get into any better mood. … More Lucky Number Seven?

Sixth Night

As commonly on Fridays, I felt pretty down and not so keen on work. The entire day seemed to consist of nothing but waiting. It was as if time wasn’t moving forwards. When I got to work, it was empty as. Often it gets busier at some point during the night, however that night, it stayed rather … More Sixth Night

Fifth Night

By the end of last night (ie this morning), I couldn’t, with all the will in the world, remember any apart from 2 of the 6 guys that I had given a lap dance to. As every night so far, I didn’t take any breaks, and the only time when I was downstairs in the … More Fifth Night

Behind the Scenes

Why? I like trying out new things and figured stripping would be a ‘convenient’ (apart from the working hours leading to sleep deprivation due to troubles of sleeping and hurting feet) way to make quite a bit of money in a short period of time alongside my studies because I love dancing and don’t mind … More Behind the Scenes